Dis/Play: Farewell to Longing


June 30 2011 at 6pm
Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna, Austria
with Philippe Batka, Benjamin Eichhorn, Conny Habbel, Claudia Marion Stemberger

Installation view on June 9 2011. Copyright: the artists, the curator and Kunstraum Niederoesterreich. Image: Lorenz Seiler / Fotostream eSeL.at

That's the way it is? Yes? No!

Join us for a walk-through the exhibition Farewell to Longing at Kunstraum Niederoesterreich on June 30th 2011. Participating artists and the curator will respond to your questions. Following the concept of Dis/Play, artists and the curator test a playful re-reading of the exhibition display. Hence, the upcoming exhibition walk aims to avoid the common mode of a curator's tour that might confront visitors with an authoritarian gesture. Rather, this walk-through reveals the working process and curatorial strategy.

Dis/Play might be perceived as an invitation to the audience not only to scrutinize the visual representation of an exhibition as medium but also to question modes of narration of a thematic curatorial approach. The walk and talk challenges the practice of visualizing exhibition themes and its reception – instead of cementing the display for a future history of exhibition as supposedly sacrosanct even before it was taken down. Accordingly, one could ask – what if....?


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