Concordia University, Montréal, Canada
EV Building, York Amphitheatre 1.605
Saturday, 27 September 2014

Conference Outline

The theme of the conference, Alliances is directed toward an exploration of the term “alliances” and its implied ideology, along with how our current understanding of the concept affects art, culture, and community. This conference features academics, artists, graduate and undergraduate students speaking to issues of cultural diversity in the visual arts in Canada. Three panel discussion and two performances address issues including representation, cross-cultural exchange and collaboration that are critical to deeper understandings of the notion of alliance today.

The two-day event kicks off on Friday, September 26, 5-9pm, with two exciting performances by Toronto-based artist Alvis Parsley and Montreal-based artist Kama La Mackerel, followed by a discussion by the local Montreal Qouleur Qollective, discussing the work of building communities that centralize the experiences of self-identified Two-Spirited and LGBTQ Indigenous people and people of colour.

The second day is a full day of thought-provoking panel discussions featuring emerging scholars from different Montreal universities from 9:30am to 4:30pm. This will be followed by the conference keynote address by Charles Smith, Lecturer in Cultural Pluralism in the Arts, University of Toronto Scarborough who will be presenting a lecture entitled “Black Heterogeneity: Moving Beyond Transactions into a New Space.”

Conference Committee

Victoria Nolte, Judith Landry, Tianmo Zhang, Joana Joachim, Amelia Wong-Mersereau, Brittany Watson, Rajee Paña Jeji Shergill, Marlee Parsons, Claude Bock.

Conference Programme

Friday, 26 September 2014

5:00 – 9:00pm, Performance Showcase
Kama La Mackerel, Alvis Parsley, and the Qouleur Qollective

Saturday, 27 September 2014

09:30 – 09:45am: Opening Remarks: Welcome from the EAHR executive committee

09:45 – 12:00am: Panel 1: Without Borders: Exchange and Representation
- Katherine Pickering (University of British Columbia): Peer-to-Peer Artist in Residence Projects
- Kerri-Lynn Reeves (Concordia University): The Contact Zones of Community Engagement
- Eleanor Dumouchel (Concordia University): James Houston’s Best Intentions: Cosmopolitan Modernisms at the Cape Dorset Printmaking Studio
- Braden Scott (Concordia University): If the Tool Fits: Subversions of Racial Identity in Queer Independent Cinema
Moderator: Amelia Wong-Mersereau (Concordia University)
Panel Discussant: Mary Sui Yee Wong (Concordia University)

01:00 – 02:45pm: Panel 2: Museum as Ally? Curatorial Perspectives on Alliances
- Joana Joachim (Université de Montréal): Art, Identity and Youth: Transformations in Canadian and South African Galleries
- Zofia Krivdova (Concordia University): Steeling the Gaze: Collaborative Curatorial Practices and Indigenous Art
- Lucile Pages (Concordia University): Contemporary South African Art in New York City: A Group Exhibition Case Study
Moderator: Tianmo Zhang (Concordia University)
Panel Discussant: Claudia Marion Stemberger (McGill University)

03:00 – 03:45pm: Panel 3: Negotiating the Spaces of Alliances
- Erika Ashley Couto (Concordia University): Negotiating Identities: Ethical Space in the Works of Amy Malbeuf and Meryl McMaster
- Sarah Nesbitt (Concordia University): Let’s all make it out ok, ok? (deep breath, deep breath)
Moderator: Camille Usher (Concordia University)
Panel Discussant: Anne Whitelaw (Concordia University)

05:00 – 06:00pm: Keynote Presentation
Charles Smith (University of Toronto Scarborough): Black Heterogeneity: Moving Beyond Transactions into a New Space


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