"I might specify my working approach as an open invitation for collaboration. Therefore I prefer to develop my publications and projects together with the artists.
Accordingly, I emphasise a dialogue and welcome instabilities, considering new tendencies as contingent, as part of an ongoing, contradictory process."

Generates knowledge among the transdisciplinary field of art and theory on a local and global level. Based on a collective of mutual interests, reveals critical perspectives on contemporary art and theory. This online project has been initiated and is managed by art historian Claudia Marion Stemberger.

Claudia Marion Stemberger

Independent curator and writer, based in Europe.
Publications include compelling and insightful essays on artists in exhibition catalogues or international art magazines as well as scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals. Research interests are diverse, but focus on performance, photography, and video art.
Curatorial projects display her enthusiasm for emerging contemporary artists whose works address (post-) postcolonial and gender practices. Curating also combines her international experience and professional networks, both in fine arts and in the performing arts.

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